Webinar: Basics of Material Drying Technologies


Efficiently drying materials is an important and often underestimated step in many processing applications. There are numerous factors to be considered in drying applications, such as desired product results, raw material characteristics, safety, energy consumption and evaporation rates. These factors need to be carefully evaluated in order to select the optimum drying process and avoid a weak link in your production.

Hosokawa Micron B.V. will host a free educational webinar, focusing on several thermal drying principles from low to high temperatures. Some topics we will review:

  • Basics of drying principles
  • Flash, atmospheric, vacuum and freeze drying
  • Batch and Continuous drying processes
  • Review & evaluation of drying systems for a variety of material applications

This webinar is recommended for professionals in the chemical, mineral, metal, food and pharmaceutical industries with an interest in learning more about drying equipment and systems.

The webinar will be approximately 40 minutes long and will conclude with a question & answer forum. Click here to register for this webinar.

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